Oct 13, 2020
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In Dagestan, after the election of the head of the village, residents fought with the police and threw stones at the administration

In the Tsuntinsky district of the Republic of Dagestan, about 300 local residents fought with the police. Video recordings of the fight were published on the RIA Novosti telegram channel, as well as on the Instagram page of Shamil Khadulaev, chairman of the republican Coordination Council of NGOs. The protesters also threw stones at the local administration building and the car of the head of the municipality Shamil Magomedov. The sound of shots and the chirping of stun guns are heard on the recording, Mediazona notes.

According to the agency's source in the local administration, the conflict occurred after the election of the head of the village, which became Israpil Abdulaev. He was nominated for this post by the head of the district Shamil Magomedov. After Abdulaev's victory, some of the deputies were not allowed to attend the meeting under various pretexts.

Because of the conflict, a district prosecutor and a representative of the Dagestan Interior Ministry from Makhachkala arrived in Tsuntu, the "Caucasian Knot" writes.

On June 16, in this region, in the village of Kidero near the border with Georgia, unknown persons beat the current deputy head of the region, Israpil Abdulaev, his brother Omar and the driver Magomed-Ramazan Magomedov. The attackers were armed with bats, rebar and knives. As a result of the attack, the official and his companions were seriously injured. They were taken to the hospital in serious condition, reports

In connection with the incident, a hooliganism case was initiated. According to local residents, the attackers included relatives of the former head of the region, Huseyn Magdiev.

Local residents also said that supporters of local leader Abas Kurbanov are trying to oust the current officials since the 2000s. Kurbanov is the acting head of the Center for Social Services for the Population in the Tsuntinsky District.

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