Feb 18, 2021
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In Crimea, Ukraine’s plan to prevent the supply of water to the peninsula was called ridiculous

Onion of the Crimean State Committee for Interethnic Relations Albert Kangiev called Ukraine’s intention to complete a dam on the North Crimean Canal amusing in order to make it as impossible as possible to supply water to the peninsula.

In Crimea, Ukraine's plan to prevent the supply of water to the peninsula was called ridiculous

Previously, the permanent representative of the Ukrainian president in Crimea, whose office will be in the Kherson region, Anton Korinevich said that Kiev plans to complete the dam at the 107th kilometer of the North Crimean canal. This will make it possible to “maximally exclude water from entering” the peninsula. According to Korinevich, “the position of the representation and management of the canal is unambiguous – no water in Crimea for de-occupation.”

In Crimea, they commented on the real plans of Ukraine.

Onion of the regional state committee for interethnic relations Albert Kangiev called the plans of the Ukrainian leader’s representation amusing.

“What other dam construction are we talking about to prevent water from entering the North Crimean canal, when water has not been flowing from Ukraine through the canal for more than six years,” Kangiev asked.

He testified that Crimea will check all the challenges and tasks, writes RIA Novosti

“All this is another twist of Kiev’s will to enrich itself at the expense of budgetary funds,” Kangiev stressed.

According to the official, the lack of water in the North-Crimean canal portrays a problem, but it can be solved. Onion of the State Committee testified that federal and republican wills have made great efforts to provide water to the inhabitants of the peninsula.

Kangiev believes that Ukraine, having blocked the channel, continues to expose itself in front of a power that is carrying out genocide in the relationship of the multinational Crimea.

Earlier, Ukraine provided up to 85% of the peninsula’s needs for fresh water through the North Crimean canal protruding from the Dnieper. After the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation, the water supply in a one-sided order was completely abandoned.

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