Jul 31, 2020
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In Crimea, in a collision of a minibus with a truck, eight people died

As a result of the accident on the Tavrida highway in Crimea, eight people were killed and seven were injured, TASS reports, citing the local Emergencies Ministry. Among the victims were two children.

A minibus crashed into a truck on the highway at about 6:00 near the village of Rusakovka near Belogorsk. According to preliminary data, his driver fell asleep at the wheel. According to a source of "Interfax", the driver did not observe the sleep and rest regime. There were no signs that he might have been drunk.

Eyewitnesses say that a KamAZ truck with a trailer was standing on the side of the road when a minibus crashed into it.

According to the source, the Mercedes Sprinter minibus was registered to a private person in the Krasnodar Territory. "The driver was engaged in a private taxi," the source added. According to the preliminary version, the minibus was heading from Krasnodar to Sevastopol.

Because of the accident, traffic on the highway is not disturbed, writes TASS with reference to the head of the Belogorsk region of Crimea, Galina Perelovich. 35 rescuers and 16 pieces of equipment are working at the scene, reports "CrimeaInform",

According to her, there is a pregnant 18-year-old girl among those hospitalized after the accident. One victim was not taken to the hospital.

The need to reduce deaths in road accidents was previously discussed by President Vladimir Putin. This goal was included in his May decree. So, the head of state ordered to bring this figure to four people per 100 thousand of the population, that is, to reduce it by 3.5 times compared to 2017, reports RBC.

Now this goal is spelled out in the passport of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project, it must be achieved by 2024.

In July, it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was proposing to weaken the standard to 8.4 deaths per 100,000 population. In 2019, an average of 11.6 people per 100 thousand inhabitants died on the roads.

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