May 15, 2020
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In China, not a single death from a coronavirus was recorded in a month

During 11 on May four mainland China confirmed new cases of coronavirus infection, the National Health Commission of China reported.

All these cases were recorded in Jilin Province in the north-east of the country. In total, towards the end 11 in May in Jilin, where an outbreak occurred, at 119 the person confirmed coronavirus, informed the Xinhua News Agency . One patient died, 15 patients are in hospitals, the rest have recovered.

According to official figures, the coronavirus has become infected in the overall complex epidemic in China since the outbreak 82 303 person, 47 119 were cured of them, and 4633 have died. The hospital remains 82 a person with coronavirus infection.

The Associated Press noted that it was exactly a month since 14 April, China did not report new deaths from infection.

In Wuhan (Hubei Province), whence at the end 2019 of the year the spread of infection around the world began, in early May, for the first time in almost two months, new cases of infection. According to Xinhua , the number of patients in the city remains the same - six people, one of them is in critical condition. Trying to curb the spread of infection, the authorities began mass testing in a city where about million people live.

In March, China began to cancel restrictive measures introduced because of coronavirus. But the country still has a rule of social distance and a ban on entry for foreigners.

March March World Health Organization announced the spread of coronavirus pandemic .

As of 14 on May 4, the world became infected with coronavirus 4, 47 million people, reported by Johns Hopkins American University. More than 303, 3 thousand people died, and 1.6 million recovered. China now occupies - e place in terms of the number of infected and 12 - e by the number of deaths.

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