Oct 19, 2020
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In Chile, 25,000 people rally to mark the anniversary of the protests

About 25,000 Chileans took part in a rally held in Santiago to mark the anniversary of the start of the wave of protests. TASS citing local media.

As specified, the protesters gathered at the Bakedano Square. During the action, clashes took place between its participants and police officers. In addition, the law enforcement agencies reported about the acts of vandalism and arson of the church.

Recall that in the fall of 2019, the decision of the Chilean authorities to increase the cost of metro fares led to riots and protests, the participants of which opposed the current government policy and social inequality in the country.

As a result of the protests, according to official figures, more than 20 people died.

Due to the current situation, the Chilean leadership had to abandon several international events.

Earlier it was reported that in Belarus assessed the damage caused to the budget of Minsk by the protest actions.

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