Feb 18, 2021
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In Berlin, the police beat a family of Russians and took away their three small children

A tragic story took place in the capital of Germany. A married couple of immigrants from Russia were separated from their children without a clear explanation of the reasons.

Eugene and Julia Seibert lived in an ordinary apartment in Berlin for six years. They had three children, six, four and two years old. According to the parents, they were regularly visited by representatives of the guardianship and the department for youth affairs. At the same time, who exactly called these services is unknown.

The family was convinced that they had no cause for concern, as well as reason to separate them from their children. However, one day everything changed: the police raided the house, turned the house upside down and began to photograph and search everything, while the search warrants to Yevgeny and Yulia were not presented. After that, the police took the man and the woman to different rooms and beat them. According to Julia Seibert, her body was bruised.

But the troubles did not end there. As the woman said, her children were dragged out into the cold, half-naked.

The next day, Evgeny and Yulia went to the youth affairs department. There, their questions were answered that the conditions of the children were too unfavorable, and the service could not allow them to stay there. At the same time, what happened to the children, what their state of health is and where they are – the parents were not told.

Soon, representatives of the guardianship authorities sent a letter to the couple, which said that the children were in the child protection clinic. Doctors requested their children’s patient records, vaccination certificates and examination notebooks.


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