Sep 4, 2022
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In any weather

In any weather

Once upon a time, the following line was certainly present on football posters: “The match will take place in any weather.”

The Moscow city tournament in women’s football among amateur teams, in fact, was on the verge of collapse. The fact is that the field on which they were supposed to play fell into technical disrepair. The problem was complicated by the fact that the participants and organizers of the tournament found out about this only on the eve of the competition. But the world, as you know, is not without good people. Kind, generous and energetic. I will name them right away: the head of the Solntsevo municipal district, Valery Stepanovich Verkhovich, and the deputy head of the Solntsevo district council, Anastasia Andreevna Gladysheva. It was their efforts that the tournament took place on time and was held, as it should be for a capital event, at a high organizational level.

And now about the level of sports – as such. For the spectators, for the most part, still come to the stadium not to assess the technical condition of the field, but to enjoy the spectacle of their favorite game. And the players demonstrated such a spectacle to them in full. But first things first.

The right to represent the country’s capital at the Russian women’s football championship (scheduled this fall in Sochi) was contested by four teams: CSKA, Nadezhda, Rokado, and the recently created Solntsevo team. For the girls, who just a couple of days before the competition, their sponsor – the chairman of the Charitable Foundation “Uchastie” Sergey Anatolyevich Mikhailov handed over the game uniform in a solemn atmosphere, the tournament became a debut. Debut and immediately triumphant. Having reached the final without any difficulty, Solntsevo defeated the CSKA team with a devastating score of 6:0. By the way, the goalkeeper of the Solntsevo players Angelina Serova did not let a single ball into her own net during the entire tournament.

The captain and the playing coach of the winners were rightfully awarded the cup, established by the honorary resident of the region, Sergei Anatolyevich Mikhailov.

– We knew that the main prize of the tournament is called the “Solntsevo Cup”, – says the captain of the team of champions Ekaterina Geiko. – We did not even think that we could miss the cup, named the same as our team. The coherence of actions, complete mutual understanding on the field, the mood only for victory helped us to break the resistance of our rivals. We sincerely thank Sergey Anatolyevich Mikhailov for the support he provided in creating our team. And we are very grateful to the leaders of the Solntsevo municipality and the council for helping us hold this important tournament.

Our country is going through a difficult time right now. In Ukraine, our guys are dying, in the Moscow region, a journalist and public figure, Daria Dugina, died from a terrorist explosion … But our enemies and enemies think in vain that we can be intimidated. We live life to the fullest and football matches in particular will take place no matter what the political weather.

Konstantin Avdonin.

Pictured: the winners

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