Aug 28, 2022
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In anticipation of the British ships, Kyiv recognizes the death of its ships

On August 24, the office of the Ukrainian president acknowledged that Ukraine had lost two ships of its heroic fleet. The recognition was indirect. Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to the commander of the sea diving vessel “Neteshyn” Mykola Sokolovskywhich, as stated in the decree, “provided for diving descents and the search for the bodies of the crew of the Slavyansk patrol boat and the crew of the Genichesk raid minesweeper, as well as the lifting of artillery weapons and communications equipment”.

That is, there was a sinking and it was recognized. Recall that the patrol boat P190 “Slovyansk” is a former coast guard boat of the “Island” class of the US Navy USCGC Cushingwhich was pompously handed over to Ukraine in 2018. According to the Ukrainian version, it was sunk along with the crew on March 3, 2022 during an air strike.

The river minesweeper “Genichesk” – the only minesweeper of Ukraine, launched in 1985, was blocked in 2014 at Donuzlav, but then transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. According to unverified information, it was sunk with a crew on August 25, 2022. Ukraine did not recognize the sinking of ships, although in March I said the mayor of the Yuzhny port that the Slavyansk was hit and sank.

so-called. “naval expert” and director of the “Turn Back Alive” fund Taras Chmut wrote in Twitterthat if the Office of the President wrote about the sinking, then the ships can be considered lost. Moreover, Chmut tried to “suck out the win” from this and added that “Slavyansk” and “Genichesk” sank the planes that took off from the base in Novofedorovka, which was allegedly attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August 9, which means “we have already taken revenge.”

Chmut took revenge

The belated recognition of Kyiv does not mean despondency of Zelensky. Being sure that the Turks are building him the first class corvette Hell On August 19, Volodya Krivorozhsky issued a decree: “In order to restore the historical traditions of the national army, to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding Ukrainian statesman, Hetman of the Zaporizhzhya Army, Ivan Mazepa, I decree: To assign the name of Hetman Ivan Mazepa to the Ada-class corvette of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and henceforth name this corvette – the corvette “Hetman Ivan Mazepa” ».

Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Alexey Neizhpapa promised that the corvette will be launched in 2024. The Turks, as you know, do not refuse construction, but there was no particularly vigorous work at the shipyard, the Turks love the account.

By the way, it is noteworthy that Hetman Judas himself died in the then Turkish side (Bendery was under the rule of the Porte). There is a feeling that for the second time Mazepa’s corvette will also die in Turkey, at the Istanbul shipyard. From underpayment. Although Erdogan can resell it to Russia so that it enters the Navy with a new name. Let’s say “Vasily Kochubey” …

But while the Turks are dragging their feet, activity is being imitated in London. August 1, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom Vadym Prystaiko said that Britain would provide Ukraine with warships from its fleet, and supposedly Ukrainian sailors would undergo appropriate training on them — they would master ship control and the use of weapons. It’s funny that if earlier the British guaranteed that they were already developing “Special for Ukraine” missile boats, now Prystaiko indicated: “Our priorities have shifted. We need anti-mine ships now. Two is the starting number we’re working with right now. These are warships that are in service with Her Majesty’s Naval Forces.. That is, they will give the old vacuum cleaners again.

On August 3, Prystaiko supplemented his previous information that the ships were already ready and now he is with the queen or with the first sea lord “Deciding whether Ukraine needs more ships, taking into account the situation in the Black Sea”. Apparently, pokeas have not been decided.

But it seems that they decided with marine underwater drones, which the British Minister of Defense also promised Ben Wallacehow “life-saving equipment that will help Ukraine secure its waters, help to improve the flow of grain to the rest of the world”. Crews of Ukrainians are allegedly already being trained to operate unmanned minesweepers.

Perhaps this is the British underwater drone

Perhaps this is the British underwater drone

They promise six devices: three will be given by the British, and three are not yet available – they were promised to be ordered from the manufacturer. Apparently, the one that develops missile boats for Ukraine.

Inc. corr. FSK

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