Oct 19, 2021
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In Africa, Erdogan Takes New Heights of Historical Revisionism

During the African tour that began the day before, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued to creatively develop his foreign policy formula “The world is more than five”… Speaking at a plenary session of the Angolan parliament during the first state visit to that country, he stated that “The fate of humanity cannot and should not be left at the mercy of a handful of countries that were victorious in World War II”

Turkish President speaks at the Parliament of Angola

It is impossible to think that the architecture of global security will remain the same, while the world is changing, and diplomacy, trade, and international relations are undergoing radical transformations. Ignoring change is an injustice towards Africa and such powerful countries of the continent as Angola, the Turkish leader continued. Rejecting Western Orientalist approaches to the African continent, we [Турция] we consider all the peoples of Africa as our friends without any discrimination and we embrace them all with love “, he assured.

Having discerned the origins of the millennial ties of the Turks with the African peoples in the 10th century, Erdogan declared the absence of the Turkish nation in the history “Stains of imperialism or the shame of colonialism”… By supporting “Friendly Angola on its way to development”, the guest from Ankara emphasized “The wealth that Africa has added to the world with its history, culture and people”as well as her “Huge potential in all areas”

Praising the nearly 33 million hardworking Angolan people, the Turkish leader rejected the formula in international relations that “One side always wins and the other loses, or one side is always a producer and the other a consumer. Our goal is to win, develop, grow and go together “, the owner of Ak-Saray finished his speech on a pretentious note. Later he visited the mausoleum of the first president of the African country, Antonio Augustinho Netto. Following the talks, the presidents of the two countries signed 7 agreements in the field of education, agriculture, industry, customs and tourism, and the volume of bilateral trade is planned to be increased from the current 132 to 500 million dollars. Military cooperation was also discussed, including Luanda’s alleged purchases of Turkish drones and armored vehicles.

Erdogan visited the mausoleum of the first President of the African country, Antonio Augustinho Net

In addition to Angola, the 4-day voyage program also includes Nigeria and Togo – states in western Africa with significant natural resources. Nigeria is Turkey’s key trading partner in the Sub-Saharan region, with a trade volume of $ 754 million in 2020, with a projected growth to $ 1 billion. Schools of the organization banned in Turkey continue to operate in some regions of the country Fethullah Gulenwhich are expected to be donated to the Justice and Development Party, the Maarif Foundation.

Earlier, the Turkish leader visited 28 African capitals, and the number of Turkish embassies in Africa increased from 12 in 2002 to 43 in 2021. The total trade turnover with the countries of the “black continent” amounted to about $ 25 billion in 2020, having increased almost fivefold since 2003. On October 21-22, Istanbul will host a meeting of the Turkish-African Business Council, and on December 17-18, the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit will also be held there.

Back in 2013, the government of Angola, the third largest oil producer in Africa, banned the Muslim religion, closed or destroyed mosques, the Turkish press notes in a neutral-restrained manner. However, this circumstance hardly confuses the “fighter against injustice”, who in this case focuses not on religiously motivated ideological constructs, but on anti-colonial rhetoric and pragmatic expectations of local partners. The question of whether this struggle for a bright future in a “world of more than five” presupposes historical revisionism remains open.

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Photo: Press Service of the President of Turkey

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