Apr 28, 2021
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In a series of explosions at military depots in Bulgaria, they found "Russian trace"

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Europeans suspect our country of new sins

Recently, anti-Russian statements by European states have begun to appear with enviable consistency. Apparently, Europe is ready to blame our state for all the troubles. Now the Bulgarians have joined the general orgy around the mythical aggressiveness of Russia. They said that citizens of the Russian Federation may be involved in a series of explosions at factories and warehouses in this state.

At the moment, the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office suspects six of our fellow citizens of malicious violation of the law and subversive activities. In Sofia, they said that over the past decade, Bulgarian warehouses and factories have suffered significantly from elusive demolitions.

The attack by the criminals was mainly aimed at military warehouses and facilities that are engaged in the disposal of explosives, as well as the production of weapons and ammunition, RIA Novosti reports.

After lengthy investigations and careful analysis of each incident, specialized Bulgarian experts came to the conclusion that in some cases there are certain similarities, which give the right to assume that the perpetrators were the same people.

As a result, it was announced that six Russians were suspected of bombings, moreover, three of them are also accused of attempting to assassinate a businessman from Bulgaria Emilian Gebrev, whom many call the largest arms dealer.

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