Oct 12, 2020
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In a Moscow pre-trial detention center, arrested in a drug case found dead

A woman arrested in connection with drug trafficking was found dead in the cell of the Moscow remand prison No.6, TASS reports, citing a law enforcement source. According to the official version, the woman, who was arrested on September 26, committed suicide.

Human rights activists note that recently there has been an increase in the number of deaths of those arrested and imprisoned in Russian pre-trial detention centers and colonies. In the last month alone, Artyom Ushanev, accused of attacking cash collectors, committed suicide in Moscow's Butyrka detention center; Viktor Ardabyevsky, the former mayor of Miass, Chelyabinsk Region, died in the cell of the Matrosskaya Tishina detention center (according to the official version, from pancreatitis). In the Omsk pre-trial detention center, Kakhaber Parpaliya, accused of drug trafficking, was found dead, who had previously told his lawyer about the beatings, Radio Liberty reports. And in the Chelyabinsk isolation ward, according to the official version, the neo-nationalist Maksim Martsinkevich, nicknamed Tesak, who had previously also complained of torture, committed suicide.

The FSIN rejected the version about the use of torture against Tesak. However, the authorities did not give his relatives the opportunity to conduct an independent examination, and strange manipulations were carried out with the body of the deceased.

Officer committed suicide at the University of the Ministry of Defense

Another suicide took place in the building of a military university in Moscow. This was reported to TASS by a law enforcement source.

"The captain of the first year of the postgraduate studies at the Military University of the Ministry of Defense committed suicide in the university building on Komsomolsky Prospekt in Moscow," the agency's source said. According to him, the reasons for the incident are being established.

According to another source, the officer who committed suicide was admitted to the postgraduate course of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation from the third time a month ago. On Sunday evening, he entered the outfit as an assistant on duty at the university. According to him, after the outfit, the officer committed suicide.

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