Dec 31, 2020
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In 2020, the US dollar has risen in price against the ruble by 20%

In 2020, the dollar rose in price against the ruble by 20%, the euro – by about 32%, reports TASS.

According to experts, a significant weakening of the ruble this year was caused by a new type of coronavirus pandemic, an exacerbated geopolitical background and a weakening of investors’ appetite for the entire group of risky assets.

In addition, the disruption of the OPEC deal at the beginning of the year contributed to serious negative shifts on the trading floors.

Experts note that by the end of 2020, assets in the Russian stock market, as well as oil prices, showed a significant recovery, but the ruble was able to win back losses against the dollar by only 5%. At the same time, the Russian currency lost about 2% more from the March peaks against the euro.

At the end of the last trading day this year, the dollar rose to 74.415 rubles (0.51%), the euro – to 91.518 rubles (0.93%).

Earlier it was reported that the share of national currencies in settlements between Russia and China in 2020 reached 25%.

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