Sep 3, 2021
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Immunostimulants, dietary supplements or “herbs”: how to help the body after COVID-19?

The pandemic has lasted for the second year, but there are still no clear recommendations on how to recover from COVID-19, so patients are forced to self-medicate. Infectious disease doctor Evgenia Nasonova in the department for the treatment of coronavirus (“red zone”) GBUZ IKB 2 DZM explained how to help your body recover from the disease.

According to Evgenia Nasonova, COVID-19 leaves a “complete mess” in the body, and the immune system suffers in the first place. Taking various immunostimulants will only aggravate its destabilization of the immune system, and it is more likely to “attack” the joints, pancreas and other organs.

Also, do not take various nutritional supplements and engage in herbal medicine – dietary supplements and herbs can also harm, not support.

The doctor noted that the immune system takes an average of 2-3 months to recover from the disease, to align the cellular parameters.

“Give the immune system a rest: 8-hour sleep, unloaded days, delicious, varied vegetable and fruit food, sun, walks as much as possible, minimum stress”

Evgeniya Nasonova

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Ic snowflake @ 2xInfectious disease doctor in the department for the treatment of coronavirus infection (“red zone”) GBUZ IKB 2 DZM

The specialist recalled that rehabilitation after coronavirus lasts from several months to a year.

  • therapeutic and respiratory gymnastics with the use of respiratory simulators
  • massage
  • psychotherapy
  • diet therapy
  • physiotherapy procedures.

As for physical activity, there are still no clear recommendations for resuming it after COVID-19. In one overseas review, patients are advised to wait at least seven days after the symptoms have subsided. In another review, doctors recommend waiting at least two weeks and consulting a doctor.

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