Jan 23, 2021
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I’m writing to you. Why is it sometimes helpful to put your phone away and grab a pen and paper?

People are starting to write by hand less and less. For small notes, they use notes on the phone, which is always at hand, for longer and more important texts, they use programs in the computer. And this does not always have a good effect on the state of human health, especially its psychological component, experts say. Indeed, as practice shows, writing with a pen on paper is extremely important for maintaining yourself in a comfortable state. told about how a handwritten letter affects a person candidate of psychological sciences, psychoanalyst, somnologist, clinical psychologist of the highest category, associate professor Alexey Melekhin

Keep calm

“The question of the usefulness of handwritten texts is an old thing. For example, it is good to use it in post-traumatic situations, when there are a lot of thoughts in the head, and they swarm and confuse, when we cannot formulate what worries us, ”notes Aleksey Melekhin.

The specialist says that Pennebaker’s writing technique is widely used to solve post-traumatic problems or even to eradicate banal stress. This method is called an interesting and rather simple self-help option. Its author is James Pennebaker, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, who is distinguished by a research approach to work. His main area of ​​interest is the influence of various forms of written self-disclosure on psychological and somatic health.

The technique is based on the fact that in a person the unconscious dynamics of the brain makes it difficult to understand the essence of painful experience. That is, the presence of his inner world and a certain set of habits and dreams brings the individual out of his consciousness, as a result of which he is alienated from himself. Most of our behavior, according to Pennebaker, occurs automatically, which does not correspond to either the person or who this person wants to be. So, you need to find a way to return yourself to yourself through the study of new experiences. To do this, he advises using expressive writing, since it, to a greater extent than ordinary conversation, contributes to clarification and analysis.

“What is Pennebaker’s letter? This is when you take a piece of paper and write on it with a pen or pencil the first thing that comes to mind, what’s inside. Indeed, such a motor response, that is, an impact through movement, is practically psychological magic. When a person writes what he is experiencing, what topical issues are in front of him, everything that he has in his head begins to appear before him on paper, ”notes Aleksey Melekhin.

And this is a great option for emotional regulation. On the other hand, says the psychologist, it helps streamline traumatic experiences and experiences.

This type of inner tranquility can be used if it is difficult to fall asleep. “When some obsessive thoughts interfere with sleep and it is impossible to fall asleep from them, this technique will become a real salvation. You just have to sit down to write about two hours before bedtime. It is enough to take any piece of paper, just do not use the notes on the phone, and write out everything that is in the head, “Melekhin advises.

Improve mood

Also, handwriting helps to improve your mood. “Cerebral cerebral mechanisms, those departments that are responsible for movement and construction of movement (and writing is movement), are directly connected with the emotional brain, that is, subcortical structures. This can be compared, for example, to how we feel satisfaction when we leave the gym after a good intense load. The story is similar with writing: when we are sad or unwell, we begin to write and gradually feel how our mood improves, ”notes Aleksey Melekhin.

In clinical practice, handwriting in the old fashioned way, for example, in a diary with an ordinary pen, is shown as a way to prevent emotional burnout and overexertion, as well as irritability. And we are talking about any movements with a pen: you can just write, or you can draw.

Remember all

Also, handwriting helps to extract what is hidden deep inside, which cannot be caught in any way. “Sometimes we cannot understand what is happening inside us. Here, for example, some kind of irritation, a feeling that something is wrong, something is spinning on the tongue, but it is not given. And handwriting lets you extract that. The whole process is beneficial, ”says Aleksey Melekhin.

How much to write

Naturally, many people have a question: if this is a variant of psychological therapy, how much should you write? “There are no recommendations on how much to write. There are also no recommendations for any special pens. Of course, it is also not worth zealous writing War and Peace at once. But if the soul demands, then why not, ”the psychologist notes.

He advises simply to keep any piece of paper and writing instrument close at hand. “If paper and pen are available, the automatic action will start by itself. And here it does not matter whether to write, draw or even just drive an ordinary line back and forth, this will also be a motor regulation, ”notes Aleksey Melekhin.

So the almost forgotten tradition of handwriting is not only interesting, but also useful. And do not push the manuscripts into the far corner, they may well help to feel many times more comfortable and calmer.

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