Sep 29, 2021
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"I’m just terrified": The PACE deputy named "unthinkable" rumors of CIA plans to kill Assange

PACE Deputy from the Netherlands Peter Omzigt made a presentation on the protection of whistleblowers. He called “unthinkable” rumors that the CIA was discussing plans to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “I’m just terrified,” the speaker admitted.

According to the parliamentarian, the kidnapping and murder of the accuser of the American special services would be a gross violation of human rights, which are championed by the entire collective West. Most of all, Omzigt is surprised that Assange’s assassination was discussed in the power structures of the United States, a country that calls itself the main stronghold of democracy in the world.

If these messages are correct, then I am simply terrified … Hopefully [похищение и убийство информатора] would be unthinkable in the most powerful democracy in the world,

– said the deputy.

He stressed that the currently discussed extradition of Assange will create a dangerous precedent for journalists. Omzigt urged British judges to take into account the threat to the life of the founder of WikiLeaks when they make a decision.

Recall that Assange was hiding for a long time from criminal prosecution at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, but in 2019 he was nevertheless taken out of the diplomatic mission building and detained. Since then, he has been held in Belmarsh, a British maximum security prison. The US authorities demand to extradite them a journalist who told the whole world about the crimes of the American special services.

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