Jul 1, 2020
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“I’m in this stupid game”: Dana Borisova does not want to help my own father, living on the street

Dana Borisova does not want to help your father, as he required of her money. Even knowing about the accommodation of the parent on the street, she refuses to care for him and offer him a job.


Dana Borisova was able to cope with all the troubles that happened in her life, and now can boast of having wealth. She has an apartment and she was able to get a dog. Recently, the celebrity has taken part in the program “actually”, where a resident of Moscow, said that he found her father sleeping on a bench on the street. The woman allowed him to sleep in the stairwell. In turn, the presenter said that she has long been a conflict with his father. He previously stated that Borisov is not its native daughter.

According to the star, she began to contain father when I was still a student. Also the celebrity has to pay him 10 thousand dollars. Borisov recalled that one day, the father offered to walk her dog for her and it was asked to pay 5 thousand rubles. According to the presenter, her parents had an apartment and a private house. However, he denies it and says that the second wife had rented an apartment, and after breaking up he has no place of residence. Dana Borisova notes that her father abused alcohol, and earlier she was obliged to contain parents and his beloved. The result of the DNA test was able to confirm that celebrity is a native daughter to the man. But even this is not able to melt the heart of Dana Borisova, and she finally refused to help him.

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