Jan 28, 2021
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“I’m going into hunger”: Larisa Guzeeva reported on her intention to lose weight impressively

The honored artist of Russia is going to go on a strict diet. So much she intends to lose a few extra pounds that she took on the New Year holidays.

Soviet and Russian actress, TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva is famous not only for her movie roles, but also for her unrestrained, straightforward statements.

So much so, the day before, she posted a video from the dressing room, in which she shrilly spoke about her carnal figure. The presenter of “Hand over to get married” called herself “a dog who got fat on New Year’s grub”. She also joked about the newly-made hairstyle that the stylist chose for her.

In addition, 61-year-old Guzeeva published a post in the feed, in which she reminded the subscribers of her strong intention to lose weight.

“Dear friends, it is impossible to regain lost youth, but it is really possible to lose weight gain. I’m going into hunger, ”- she waved the black-and-white photo so much in which she was captured in her youth.

Sighs in the comments noted that in her years Larisa Andreevna looks great, and also supported her determination.

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