Sep 14, 2022
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“I’m furious!”: Iosif Prigozhin called for Sergei Shnurov to rein in, mentioning his “cool roof”

Producer Iosif Prigozhin, against the backdrop of the recent concert of Serey Shnurov and the scandal with Klava Koka, thought about the urgent. He wonders why it is possible for one to do everything, and for others nothing?

Why Shnurov yells obscenities from the stage to the whole city and sings about “Moscow on fire” to the screams of a raging crowd, and the innocent cowards of Klava Koka and a couple of obscene expressions in the song next to the administration and the temple lead to checks and threaten with articles. If perishing ban, then all. But the frontman of “Leningrad” does not seem to be afraid of anyone or anything, which means that he has influential patrons, Prigogine is sure.

“I'm furious!”: Iosif Prigozhin called for Sergei Shnurov to rein in, mentioning his “cool roof”

“It’s not even about the song, I’ve already talked about it. I saw how Klava Koka was attacked on the Internet for obscene language in tracks. It turns out that Shnurov can swear, but others cannot. Some double standards! This means that Cord has a steep roof, that’s all. I grew up in the Caucasus, brought up in certain traditions, and therefore I ask myself: “Could Shnur afford to do the same in Chechnya?” No, because I would have pissed. And why is it possible in Moscow, but not in other places? So it can be controlled. But why is it necessary to make a cult out of a mat? This is already overkill. Don’t look for the enemy abroad, look inside. It is impossible to imagine a steeper decomposition of society! I’m furious. When the concert of the Victoria Prize was held in the Kremlin, he cursed there too. There were my friends with children in the hall who told me about it. Why does Cord have such immunity? Who said he’s a sacred cow? Who is behind him? But if Cord is allowed, then don’t cling to Klava Koke, ”the producer said emotionally.

He also turned to Ramzan Kadyrov, maybe he will “put Shnur in his place”, since the local authorities for some reason are inactive, preferring to “nightmare” the weaker one, Klava Koka, that is.

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