Apr 1, 2021
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Ilya Yabbarov: I am sorry that I got married

The ex-participants of the Dom-2 TV show Ilya Yabbarov and Nastya Gold got married when they were still in the project, and after the wedding they retired outside the show. However, their happiness did not last long – now they are on the verge of divorce.

Ilya Yabbarov: I am sorry that I got married

In her Instagram account, the young lady published a video in which Ilya, without choosing particular phrases, breaks the dishes and shouts out that he regrets that he married Nastya.

In response to this behavior of her husband, Nastya insisted that he concentrate his things and release the living space.

A little later, she again recorded a video for her followers, telling them that she would be dumbfounded and now did not know what to do. Gold added that she was very exhausted from the quarrels and noted that such conflicts between them and the man occur continuously.

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