Jan 12, 2021
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Ilya Reznik congratulated Raymond Pauls on his birthday with an author’s poem, in which he called him indestructible

05:14, 01/12/2021

The legendary composer turns 85 today.

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Today, 12 December, the outstanding Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls celebrates his anniversary. The People’s Artist of the USSR is 85 years old. Ilya Reznik was one of the first to congratulate the musician on this significant date. In honor of the important date, the songwriter decided to present an exclusive touching poem to an old friend. In it, he humorously called Pauls indestructible and unique.

“When Raymond Pauls plays, // The inimitable Raymond Pauls, // The imperturbable Raymond Pauls, // The indestructible Raymond Pauls, // As in the sea, swimming in the music, // Swaying on the waves of music, // Going down into the depths of music, // Eating plankton of music, // Without hesitation, without pauses // Shout to Pauls without pauses want “Encore!”, Want “Bravo!” // In both cases, you are right! ”- Reznik turned to his friend.

Raymond Pauls

Ilya Rakhmielevich has been collaborating with the outstanding artist Pauls for over 40 years. He wished his friend great health, happiness in the family and creative success. By the way, in an interview with a journalist, the songwriter shared a funny story. The fact is that recently a small kitten of British breed appeared in his house. On reflection, Ilya Reznik and his wife Irina named the pet Raymond. “Now your name sounds in our house several times a day! When a kitten listens to the Old Clock, he meows, sometimes even 12 times! ” – Reznik laughed in an interview with the correspondent of Channel Five.

Raymond Pauls with Grigory Leps

We add that for Ilya Reznik himself, 2020 turned out to be a difficult year. The poet was not in the best financial situation, but the artist admitted that he never earned much. According to him, now only friends help him to survive. Namely Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin give money to the author’s family. Due to difficulties with health and finances, Ilya Reznik and his wife even forgot about the birthday of the Prima Donna’s husband, however, the couple was not offended and helped a friend at a difficult moment.

Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva

Reznik notes that together with Pugacheva and Galkin, they went through a lot and understood “who is worth what.” Now the poet does not hesitate to admit that he himself takes money from wealthy friends, while he himself harshly criticized the stars complaining about the plight. Ilya Reznik recommended that artists sell their luxury real estate in Europe and America. The author of the poems noted that before the coronavirus pandemic, artists spent huge sums on palaces and cars, so now they can help them out with the money they need to live.

Ilya Reznik with his wife

However, in 2020, Reznik became involved in an unpleasant litigation scandal. On November 9, it became known about the plans of the songwriter to sue the network of Russian kindergartens “Little Country”. Ilya Rakhmielevich was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the institution appropriated the words from his famous song and brought them into the name of the network. This, of course, is about the song of the same name, “Little Country”, written by Reznik in 1995.

Ilya Reznik with his wife

Reznik had grounds for a loud precedent seven years ago, when a small private kindergarten located in the Krasnoyarsk region used a popular line as its name. Soon, the institution received a pre-trial claim from Reznik’s lawyers – the songwriter was not happy with the idea of ​​naming the kindergarten in tune with his song. The small kindergarten changed its name, becoming the “Country of Childhood”. Then Reznik changed his anger to mercy and said that he was not going to sue, but was even glad that the institution for kids had chosen such a name.

But this was not the end of the conflict. In 2017, a similar scandal erupted around Little Country. This time 60 kindergartens received pre-trial claims from a network named after the famous composition. Now the poet intends to claim 180 million rubles for the use of recognizable lines in the title.

Natasha Koroleva performs the famous hit on the verses of Reznik

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