Nov 2, 2021
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Ilya Averbukh told how his relationship with Liza Arzamasova developed


47-year-old figure skater and producer Ilya Averbukh admitted that he fell in love with his future wife Lisa Arzamasova only 10 years after they met.

The frank interview of the renowned coach was published on the PREMIER platform.
Ilya Averbukh gave a frank interview to Karen Adamyan in the new issue “50 Questions. Sport “at PREMIER. The Soviet and Russian figure skater, producer of the Ice Age show spoke about his acquaintance with Elizaveta Arzamasova, their relationship and the birth of a son.

Ilya confirmed that he met his future wife when she was only 15 years old, but fell in love with her only 10 years later. Until that time, Ilya had not seen a woman in her.

Ilya Averbukh and Liza Arzamasova with their newborn son
Ilya Averbukh and Liza Arzamasova with their newborn son

I met her when she was invited to the Ice Age project. Moreover, it was not my idea at all – to invite Lisa. I thought she was too young: she was then 15 years old. The question arose: “What to do with it?” We still have a lot of dances about love, relationships. I didn’t watch Daddy’s Daughters and I wasn’t a fan of the show. And she, of course, fascinated. Lisa can’t help but charm“, – Ilya recalls.

10 years have passed, and Averbukh crossed paths with Arzamasova at one of the capital’s events.
I saw a twenty-five year old girl. We met at some event, just saw each other. And we really somehow immediately wanted to be together. We realized that we speak the same language. I like her certain kind of defenselessness in front of the world. I always liked her. I, of course, thought the world would defeat her. And then I saw that, having passed so much, she retained this angelic light in herself – you can laugh at it, smear it, say “sweet syrup” – I see it, feel it and love it. I love and hope it will be with us all our life“, The coach admits.Ilya Averbukh with his son LevaIlya Averbukh with his son Leva

The age difference, according to the skater, is completely imperceptible for them: “There is no chasm between us. There is one single breath. At the same time, Lisa has her own social circle, her world, into which I am not trying to squeeze myself. We are very organic and good. Of course, life is not endless, so it gives the edge that I value every day.“.

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