Sep 10, 2022
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Igor Strelkov: “If the Russian troops left the city of Izyum, then it’s good”

Igor Strelkov:

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Former DPR Minister of Defense Igor Strelkov commented on the situation in the Kharkiv region.

He claims that if the Russian troops left Izyum, then this is important for maintaining the potential of the Russian army, writes Military Review. He spoke about this on his VKontakte page.

In his opinion, given the current situation, the withdrawal of troops is an absolutely correct and logical decision. The Armed Forces managed to block the main supply routes of this group, and there was a very high risk of its encirclement.

“To risk complete encirclement and the subsequent inevitable defeat would be the height of adventurism, bordering on a crime,” Strelkov said.

He added that delaying the withdrawal of troops would be accompanied by huge losses. With a hasty retreat, it is also often not possible to take out ammunition, weapons, and even military equipment.

Strelkov believes that now you should not panic, as this will play into the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He added that at the moment the RF Armed Forces manage to hold positions south of Izyum. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing on Sluligovka and Brazhkovka.

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