Feb 22, 2021
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Igor Nikolaev’s wife spoke about the death of a loved one from COVID 19

Igor Nikolaev's wife spoke about the death of a loved one from COVID 19

The wife of the singer Igor Nikolaev, Yulia Proskuryakova, shared her grief.

Yulia Proskuryakova is experiencing a grievous loss – she said that this morning in one of the Yekaterinburg hospitals, her grandmother passed away. The reason was the consequences of infection with a coronavirus infection.

This morning in Yekaterinburg in the hospital, my beloved woman Shura died from covid, she was 86 years old. My grandmother loved me very much, worked all her life in a sanitary and epidemiological station, a labor veteran and a child of war“, – wrote Julia.

According to her, she managed to say goodbye to her beloved relative and talked to her on the phone a few days before her death. Proskuryakova says that her grandmother played a big role in her life. “She was a very good and kind person, very bright … All the best that I had in childhood is connected with her“, – adds the 38-year-old singer.

Yulia also said that she could not believe her leaving. “I understand with my head that I am 86 years old, that I had heart problems and also covid, but still I just can’t accept that she is no longer there. It’s still very, very painful to lose loved ones. It’s scary to write this, but rest in peace my beloved“, – left a farewell comment Proskuryakova in social networks.

Julia Proskuryakova with her grandmother
Julia Proskuryakova with her grandmother

Under the post, fans leave words of condolence and support. So, the sad smiley was left by the singer Natalie, and ordinary users began to share stories about how they lost loved ones: “Yulia condolences! On November 21, 2021, at the age of 95, my pretty granny, a home front worker, a head nurse, died in medicine all her life! Now I have neither grandmothers nor grandfathers, no one to congratulate on May 9 “,” Kingdom of Heaven, eternal memory! What a pity that the best are leaving, the loved ones are leaving. The era is leaving!“.

Note that according to the latest data, the second wave of the epidemic is declining. In Russia, more than 83 thousand people died from COVID-19, more than 4.1 million remain infected. A few days ago, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that the country has officially registered the third vaccine against coronavirus – earlier the vaccine was given by Sputnik V, whose actions were highly appreciated in European medical circles.

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