Aug 6, 2022
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Igor Nikolaev showed what Khazanov looks like, who moved from Russia to Latvia


Musician Igor Nikolaev shared a photo with colleagues and friends, among whom was Gennady Khazanov.

76-year-old Gennady Khazanov was included in the list of stars who left Russia. But his name is not among those who are contemptuously called traitors to the Motherland. Maybe because he has been in Latvia for several months now, the satirist continues to be listed in the theater.

In Lenkom they say that now the artist cannot return home without specifying the reason. It is possible that he is simply seriously ill and undergoing treatment. Earlier it was reported that he underwent heart surgery.

The version is confirmed by a recent picture of Igor Nikolaev, posted in his microblog. In the photo, the singer himself, Kristina Orbakaite, composer Igor Matvienko and Gennady Viktorovich. You can see that the satirist is very haggard, although he tries to look cheerful.

Igor Nikolaev, Kristina Orbakaite, Gennady Khazanov and Igor Matvienko
Igor Nikolaev, Kristina Orbakaite, Gennady Khazanov and Igor Matvienko

Gennady Khazanov has his own place not far from Riga. According to preliminary estimates, it may cost about 35 million rubles. At one time, many Russian artists acquired real estate in the Baltic states, considering it a profitable investment. In addition, it made it easier to obtain a Schengen visa, which guarantees free movement within Europe.

Who did not have time or did not want to buy a villa on the shores of the Baltic Sea is Alla Pugacheva. She considered that it was cheaper to rent a house in the resort of Jurmala for a vacation than to maintain it all year round.

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