Jan 23, 2021
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Igor Nikolaev showed how “he rides on a typewriter” with his daughter in the ocean

Igor Nikolaev showed how

Musician Igor Nikolaev shared a cute video in which he swims with his 5-year-old daughter Veronica in the Atlantic Ocean.

The famous singer and composer Igor Nikolaev is twice a dad. The eldest daughter of the artist from his first marriage is 42 years old. Julia lives in Miami. The composer flew to visit her together with 5-year-old Veronica and his wife Yulia Proskuryakova. The singer decided to show how he swims with his youngest daughter in the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, Veronica is sitting in an inflatable ring in the form of a car.

And we even ride the ocean on a typewriter!??☀️? “, signed the video Nikolaev.

So cool! Kaif !! I love to be happy for others! Take care of each other! You are so great !! ”,“ How nice to look at you! Dad and daughter “,” How joyful it is to look at you !!! Great !!! Have a nice rest!!! Such beauty, okaaaan!???❤️ “,”How wonderful it is??? “,”Thank you, we are happy for you and admire the clear ocean water and the bright sun !!! You and the world are beautiful !!“- comment fans on Instagram.

Igor Nikolaev with his eldest daughter Julia
Igor Nikolaev with his eldest daughter Julia

Note that the eldest daughter of Igor Nikolaev gets along well with the current wife of her dad and doesn’t care for her little sister. She is always looking forward to their visit.

By the way, Veronica is growing up as a creative child. She has long dreamed of performing on the big stage. And recently she had such an opportunity. The baby, along with her mom and dad, took part in the filming of “Blue Light”. Fans were touched by the performance of the star family.

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