Oct 14, 2020
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Igor Nikolaev boasted of a sketch of a cake that his 5-year-old daughter drew for her birthday

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Veronica depicted the main treat of the holiday in the form of a rainbow.

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On October 8, Veronica, the only daughter of 60-year-old Igor Nikolaev and 38-year-old Yulia Proskuryakova, turned five years old. The celebrity couple, who loves a girl, arranged a luxurious celebration for the birthday girl on the territory of their country house. Veronica was visited by her friends - Lisa and Harry Galkin, and the children were entertained by invited animators. Parents even ordered real live llamas for Veronica.

A huge double rainbow cake with unicorns became the decoration of the celebration. As the composer boasted yesterday, Veronica drew a sketch for the treat herself. "Veronichka was so delighted with the rainbow cake, because she herself drew a sketch of this cake, and dreamed that it would turn out just like that!) Happy child - happy parents!)" - said Nikolaev in his microblog on Instagram, having published a drawing of a cake from his daughter (spelling and the author's punctuation are given unchanged - Prim. row.).

Igor Nikolaev showed the cake and its sketch (gallery - scroll to the right)

Igor Nikolaev noted that five-year-old Veronica inherited the musical talents of her parents. On her birthday, the girl sang a song for Yulia Proskuryakova "Mom, Come". As the musician boasted, the daughter herself composed the words and music for the composition. The young performer had fantasized before and depicted how she was going to go on stage after the announcement of her name. As the proud father noted, Veronica is the owner of a good ear for music. She remembers the melody and lyrics from the first listening.

In addition, the star couple are happy to share cute and funny videos of Veronica's classes. Nikolaev published a video of a girl running along the beach on a recent vacation in Jurmala. The composer also demonstrated how his daughter crawls in a rope park and drives along the paths of their estate with a dog in an electric car.

Veronica Nikolaeva in an electric car and in a rope park

We will remind that recently Nikolaev and Proskuryakova celebrated the tenth anniversary of the wedding. The future spouses met at one of the artist's concerts in 2006, when Julia broke through the guards and fans to talk to the musician. Soon the singer decided to take part in the "People's Artist" show, but did not make it into the project. However, Igor Nikolaev noticed a young and persistent talent and invited him to his production center. The relationship between the composer and the singer gradually grew from working to romantic, although at first the musician was embarrassed by their age difference of 22 years. In 2010, the couple played a modest wedding in Jurmala. The spouses managed to get a child only after five years.

Nikolaev and Proskuryakova were able to acquire offspring only after five years of marriage

We add that the composer has a daughter from his first marriage Yulia, who is five years older than the wife of Nikolaev. Igor Yuryevich lived with her mother for 13 years, and after the divorce, the musician's former family emigrated to the United States. There Yulia Nikolaeva married an American, the same age as her father. After parting with his first wife, Nikolaev linked his life with 17-year-old singer Natasha Koroleva. After more than ten years of marriage, his wife left the musician, preferring the stripper Sergei Glushko, known as Tarzan, to him. Nikolaev had a hard time divorcing Koroleva, but relations with Proskuryakova again gave him hope for family happiness.

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