Sep 4, 2022
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Igor Nikolaev appeared without a mustache in a rare photo with his father


Musician Igor Nikolaev shared an archival photo on September 1 in honor of Knowledge Day.

Igor Nikolaev succumbed to nostalgia on Knowledge Day and found a unique frame in the family archive. We are talking about his childhood picture taken on Sakhalin, where the future star composer grew up.

The portrait of Nikolaev with his father was made more than 50 years ago, before the start of the new academic year. On it, the future artist poses in a suit with a tie and with a bouquet of flowers, which he carried to give to the class teacher.

The maestro honestly admitted that he had almost no memories of that day. Without clues, even dedicated fans might not recognize Nikolaev in the picture. There is no signature mustache, no long hair, without which he looks like a different person. The composer admitted that he himself hardly recognizes himself in a young man with a short haircut.

Igor Nikolaev with his father
Igor Nikolaev with his father

Dad takes me to school. As if not me, but some other boy. It’s good to have a photo... ”- writes Nikolaev.

By the way, the composer has good memories of school, because he met his first wife during his studies. Igor sat with his future wife Elena at the same desk. Shortly after the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Julia. Despite the divorce of her parents, the heiress maintained a warm relationship with her father. True, due to the fact that Nikolaev’s daughter lives in the States, they rarely see each other.

In 2015, Nikolaev became a father again. The young wife Yulia Proskuryakova gave birth to his daughter Veronica. She, according to the maestro, is like him in everything. Both externally and in character. “Her character is generally mine – not a gift. Nika, like me in my youth, wants the result to be achieved instantly”, — Nikolaev shared with By the way, she is also fond of music and will probably follow in her father’s footsteps in the future.

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