Nov 19, 2021
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Igor Krutoy was dragged into the scandalous court of Polina Gagarina


Singer Polina Gagarina is suing over the copyright for the song of Viktor Tsoi.

The artist continues to sue Olga Kormukhina over a cover of Viktor Tsoi’s song “Kukushka”. It is known that the proceedings began two years ago and was initiated by Kormukhina, who claims that Polina performed this composition in exactly the same arrangement as hers.

Gagarina disagreed with her reproaches, and she managed to prove her own innocence in the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow. However, the plaintiffs did not calm down and filed an appeal, demanding an examination of both tracks in order to check whether they are identical or not. The Moscow City Court accepted their arguments for consideration and studied the situation during six sessions.

And last evening, as it turned out, the ministers of Themis decided to cancel the decision of the district court and appointed an examination, which Kormukhina had been seeking for so long.

Polina Gagarina
Polina Gagarina

The Federal Center for Expertise under the Ministry of Justice and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory expressed their readiness to hold it … The defendant (Gagarina) proposed Igor Krutoy, he will also enter the commission“, – StarHit quotes Olga’s representatives.

It is worth noting that for some reason Kormukhina accused only Gagarina, who performed “Cuckoo”, of plagiarism, and did not sue Konstantin Meladze, who created this arrangement. The artist claims that the producer only offered Polina such an option, and she could sing it in her own manner.

It was precisely Gagarina’s decision to perform “Cuckoo” in the same way as Olga, side by side. The responsibility lies precisely with her. In addition, the singer herself received the rights to processing, with her, as with an individual, and an agreement was concluded“, – clarified the lawyer Kormukhina.

However, the point has not yet been put in this matter. The court will make the final verdict after analyzing the ill-fated song.

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