Jan 5, 2022
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Igor Krutoy walked over the son of Natasha Koroleva


Composer Igor Krutoy was unhappy with Arkhip’s performance.

The son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan has been trying to conquer the pop world for quite some time. Mother supports Arkhip in everything, but the young man still cannot impress the audience. So, Glushko’s musical talent has already been criticized many times. However, the guy does not give up and is ready to go all the way.

Son of Natasha Koroleva
Son of Natasha Koroleva

By the way, the heir to the Queen also has a backup plan. The young man remembers his father’s activities and also strives to excel in pole dancing. But still, in the first place for Arkhip, this is a dream to repeat the stunning success of the star mother.

As it turned out, not only ill-wishers, but also close friends of the family did not appreciate the singing of Arkhip. So, Igor Krutoy, who is on friendly terms with Natasha Koroleva, spoke sharply about the vocal abilities of Glushko Jr. In the live broadcast of the show “Two Stars”, the composer literally rode the heir to the singer’s heir. He hinted that Arkhip does not have a voice and that next time it would be better for him to show off another talent, namely pole dancing. “Natasha, no offense“, – Krutoy turned to his friend, quoted by

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