Oct 15, 2020
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Igor Krutoy touchingly congratulated Nikolai Baskov on his birthday

08:34, 15.10.2020

The 66-year-old composer said that he took part in the show “Hello Andrey!”, Which was dedicated to his friend.

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Igor Krutoy does not really like to act in TV shows. Several weeks ago, the 66-year-old composer took part in Boris Korchevnikov's program "The Fate of a Man", in which, according to the producer, he had to be persuaded for a whole year. And today Igor Yakovlevich said that he starred in "Hello, Andrey!", But only because the issue was dedicated to Nikolai Baskov. Krutoy could not refuse the producers of the program because of the birthday of a friend who turned 44 years old. He published a video from the filming of the Andrei Malakhov show and signed it with touching words addressed to the pop singer.

“I do not like to appear in television programs, but there are several people who have stolen my heart forever, and wherever I am, I try to be there on important days for these people. Kolya Baskov is one of them! Everyone who has been on the set, and everyone who watches this show on Saturday, will once again feel how bright a man is my Friend - Nikolai Baskov! " - Igor Krutoy wrote in his microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. Note...ed.).

Igor Krutoy congratulated Nikolai Baskov on his birthday

Krutoy added that among his acquaintances there is no person who would not enjoy communicating with Baskov. Igor Yakovlevich noted the singer's incredible sense of humor, his charisma and talent. The composer did not forget to wish his son and his mother a happy birthday Elena Nikolaevna, wishing her health and more reason to be proud of him. “Kolya, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you great happiness, endless love and devotion to a huge army of fans! And I wish your mommy Lenochka good health, and that she be proud of her son and my Friend for a long, long time! " - added the producer.

It is worth noting that in early October Elena Baskova celebrated her 65th birthday. Nikolai touchingly congratulated his mother on her birthday, writing in his microblog on Instagram that he is proud of her and that he can always count on her support. “My beloved mommy. You are the brightest star of my whole life. My greatest love. My support and support. My strongest rear. You know, I am always with you, soul and heart. And on the day of your ANNIVERSARY I confess to you my boundless love and gratitude for everything in this life !!! I wish you health, long years, joy, fulfillment of all your innermost desires and always remain such a beautiful and incomparable woman !!! " - wrote Basque.

We also recall that last summer Nikolai Baskov lost his father. Victor Vladimirovich died after a long illness at the age of 67. The singer found out about his father's death before going on stage, but remained silent. In September of this year, Baskov spoke about the loss and honored the memory of his father, saying that dad had always been for him the standard of masculinity and dignity.

Nikolay Baskov with his parents

We add that Nikolai Baskov's father was a military man, and the singer's mother was a mathematics teacher. However, after the Baskov family moved to Germany, Elena Nikolaevna worked as an announcer on television. Nikolai was born on October 15, 1976 in Russia, in Balashikha near Moscow. Since the family often moved, the artist's childhood was spent in different cities. In Germany, he went to first grade, then his family moved to Kyzyl, and from the fifth to the eighth grade, Basque studied at a Novosibirsk school. In the late 1980s, Nikolai, as part of the Young Actor's Musical Theater, went on tour to the USA, Israel, Switzerland, and France. In 1996, the young singer entered the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, class of chamber and opera singing. And three years later Nikolai was already performing on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, performing the part of Lensky in the opera Eugene Onegin. His pop hits with Taisia ​​Povaliy and "Let Me Go" and "You Are Far Away" sounded in 2005. Thus, by the age of 25, Basque has become one of the most famous Russian singers, performing both on the classical stage and on the stage.

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