Jan 7, 2022
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Igor Krutoy showed how he celebrated the New Year in the Caribbean (video)


Musician Igor Krutoy captured his entire family during the New Year celebrations on the island of Anguilla.

On Christmas Eve, Igor Krutoy said that he spends the January holidays with his family in the Caribbean. The producer wrote that he got to the island of Anguilla 15 hours, and his wife Olga and daughters Alexandra and Victoria arrived much faster, as they flew from Miami. The composer admitted that on December 31 he was splashing in the warm sea with might and main, forgetting the exhausting marathon of New Year’s filming and “Blue Lights”.

The maestro also promised to show a short video about how he and his family celebrated the New Year. “The girls were waiting for me with their news and secrets, so everything worked out, and we celebrated the New Year together“, – said Krutoy.

Igor Krutoy with his wife, daughters and granddaughter
Igor Krutoy with his wife, daughters and granddaughter

Igor Yakovlevich shared the details of the New Year’s celebration. He showed how his six-year-old granddaughter Demi-Rose sings the song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest” with almost no accent, and also showed a fireworks in honor of 2022, which was launched right on the beach. Krutoy noted that his friend and world famous jeweler Jacob Arabo and his wife Angela were organizing the whole event.

I am exhibiting the promised reportage about our celebration of the New Year and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas !!!“- the composer wrote under the video.

Happy New Years and Merry Christmas to all your wonderful wonderful family! 🙌❤️🎄🙏“, Congratulated the maestro Igor Nikolaev. “Igor, dear, Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄”, Olesya Sudzilovskaya joined. “What happiness – such a rest and such a company is the best reward for the Best and the Beloved! 🙌“, Said Philip Kirkorov.

Recall that on the day of his 67th birthday, Igor Krutoy for the first time confirmed that he has an illegitimate son. The producer posted a video of congratulations, which was recorded by his family. In the video, among others, there was a young man who called the birthday man a father. In the credits, it was indicated that Yakov Krutoy was on the screen.

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