Oct 17, 2021
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Igor Krutoy fought with Alexander Serov because of the vaccination


Composer Igor Krutoy talked with his friend until he felt really bad.

Last Friday, Alexander Serov was hospitalized in serious condition. The singer was admitted to the hospital with a confirmed coronavirus. For some time Igor Krutoy was in touch with the musician.

Serov’s lung damage reached 75%. The artist’s condition is assessed as severe – he has second-degree respiratory failure. Doctors do not exclude that in the near future the singer may be put into a drug-induced coma.

Igor Krutoy
Igor Krutoy

For 67-year-old Alexander Nikolaevich, his family and friends are very worried. For example, Igor Krutoy, who at first kept in touch with a friend, does not find a place for himself. “I talked to him, and then it became difficult for him … Of course, I told him to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. I swore with him. I myself am vaccinated“, – the composer shared in the program” You Won’t Believe It! ” on NTV.

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