Nov 20, 2021
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Igor Krutoy came to discharge from the maternity hospital of his grandson from an illegitimate son


Musician Igor Krutoy shared a video of his grandson’s discharge from the maternity hospital from his newly acquired son Yakov.

Igor Krutoy told his Instagram subscribers that he was present at a very important family event, for which he even postponed all work affairs. The composer clarified that he went to the Lapino clinic near Moscow to be discharged.

Today we took our baby home from the hospital on the fourth day of his life … Thank God, everything went well“, – said the joyful musician.

As it turned out, we are talking about the grandson of Krutoy, whose father is his illegitimate son Yakov. The baby was born on November 14, as the proud son of the composer reported on Instagram. And today the relatives gathered to meet the mother with the child and congratulate the young parents.

Great granddaughter! I met Lera’s parents, celebrated this big event in Yasha and Lera’s apartment modestly, at home … The boy is handsome, calm (snoring all the time), I hope he will delight us all – always and in everything … The guys want to live a few days with a baby, and only after realizing which name suits him best, to name them – they are parents, it is up to them to decide! Happy voyage of your life, kid!“- Krutoy shared with his fans.

Igor Krutoy with his grandson
Igor Krutoy with his grandson

We will remind, Igor Krutoy not long ago did not suspect about the existence of his illegitimate son. Three years ago, Yakov contacted the composer himself and shocked him with the news that they were relatives. Cool, which is not surprising, did not believe the young man until he passed a DNA test that confirmed their blood connection. Then the musician not only accepted Yakov into the family, but also gave him his last name and took care of his comfortable life, donating a house and a car.

By the way, the musician’s eldest son from his first marriage, Nikolai, was also present at the discharge from the hospital. Apparently, the sons of Krutoy managed to make friends.

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