Dec 30, 2020
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Igor Dodon named the reasons for his defeat in the presidential elections in Moldova

Coronavirus pandemic, drought and Western influence through 14 thousand NGOs and the mobilization of Moldovan citizens in the EU

Immediately after the inauguration of the new President of Moldova Mai Sandu ex-president Igor Dodon went on a working visit to Moscow at the head of a delegation of representatives of the Socialist Party.

In the Russian capital, Dodon gave an interview to a news agency TASS, in which he talked about what prevented him from winning the presidential election, about the future parliamentary elections and about the situation with the pandemic in Moldova.

According to Igor Dodon, there were enough reasons for his loss in the presidential election – this is the coronavirus pandemic, and the unprecedented drought that destroyed more than 60% of the grain, which could not but affect the Moldovan economy.

“Plus, the West tried very hard. Inside the country, everyone united against one. Several thousand – 14 thousand – NGOs that worked hard in this election campaign for Maia Sandu. And, of course, the unprecedented mobilization of Moldovan citizens in the EU countries. And there it was with the use of local administrative resources. I think that all these factors gave the result that we got. But the West will still present a political bill to the new president. What it will consist of, we will see. And it seems to me that it is very dangerous for Moldova, ”

– said the ex-president of Moldova.

In his opinion, it is already possible to draw conclusions about what accounts will be presented to Maia Sandu from her first statements, in particular, about the withdrawal of the peacekeeping contingent from the Pridnestrovian Republic. And early next year, the Ukrainian president will visit Chisinau Vladimir Zelensky, with whom it will be easy to agree on toughening the blockade of Transnistria. Thus, Maia Sandu is probably tasked with lighting another fuse near the Russian borders.

“For Moldova, for the citizens of Moldova, this is very bad. Maybe for some overseas partners it is interesting, but I don’t see why the largest European countries – France, Germany, others ”,

– Igor Dodon noted, adding that this dangerous scenario for Moldova is a consequence of how the elections were held, which in fact were “Tough geopolitical game, geopolitical calculation”

When asked why he didn’t bring his supporters to the streets to confront this geopolitical game, the ex-president replied that the “western partners” had everything ready for such a development of events, this would be their scenario, and this scenario would have bad consequences …

As for the early parliamentary elections, the former President of Moldova is sure that they should take place, the sooner the better. But there are certain constitutional norms that cannot be violated. And in this case, it is impossible to hold these elections before May.

Today, the new president of Moldova has no control over the government and parliament, which is good, Dodon said, because the government can restrain the president’s harsh steps.

“We know the position of our Ukrainian partners, our neighbors on the issue of Transnistria, they have long wanted tighter control over the Transnistrian segment. Before the early parliamentary elections, I think that there should not be any destabilization. She will make statements, there will be many of them, because they will be dictated by those who supervise her in the West. It is clear that they need a confrontation here “,

– the ex-president is sure.

In his opinion, this confrontation is just beginning.

As for Sandu’s statements about the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers, Igor Dodon believes that these are nothing more than political declarations, no one will take such a step.

When asked about the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in Moldova, Igor Nikolaevich admitted that the situation is worse than in Russia. He sees the reason for this in the huge Moldovan diaspora, most of which work in Italy, from where the coronavirus came to Moldova. But the country is coping with the pandemic, there is everything you need – medical workers, medicines, and equipment. Igor Dodon himself insists that the Moldovans need the Russian vaccine, not the Western one, negotiations are already underway and there is a hope that the vaccine will arrive in Moldova in the first months of next year.

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