May 11, 2022
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If you want your houseplants to survive, read the following.

If you want your houseplants to survive, read the following.

Do you want to grow plants at home, but are afraid? Perhaps because of the negative experience of the plant dying too early, or simply because you think they require a ton of time and energy? Do not be afraid! If you still want to have plants at home, here are some tips and tricks to help you keep them alive.

Most important tip? It’s all about the sunshine

One of the most important tips is to remember the power of natural sunlight. If your plants are usually kept in a slightly darkened corner of your living room, consider moving them to a place where they get direct sunlight.

Make sure your plants are getting enough sunlight. This is critical to ensure their long-term prosperity. If access to a lot of light is not possible, choose a plant that requires less sunlight, such as three-lane sansevieria.

Another tip when it comes to sunlight is to “walk” your plants outside a bit. Plants should be placed on a windowsill or left in the backyard for a short period of time to get a healthy boost of energy from the sun. Open windows more often.

Water your plants properly

One of the main causes of potted houseplants dying is too little or too much watering. As you stick to a consistent watering regimen, you must learn to read your plant’s telltale signs so you know when to water and how much.

Feel the soil around the edges of the pot to see if your plant needs water. Dry soil means your plant is thirsty. Another sign that the plant is thirsty is brown leaves.

So how do you properly water a plant? Try to use warm water as it penetrates the soil better, water only the base and not the leaves (this can cause fungus), and slowly, not too quickly, pour in the water.

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