Nov 19, 2021
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If you let him in too quickly, don’t be surprised that he quickly and escapes.

If you let him in too quickly, don't be surprised that he quickly and escapes.

If you let him in too quickly, don’t be surprised that he quickly and escapes.

You may think that you were just lucky that your boyfriend fell in love with you so quickly. But usually if everything develops so hastily, then soon everything will end. Before you reassure yourself, look for the following warning signs:

1. All of his past relationships were short.

Of course, people change, and you could become the one for whom he wanted to change his life, but you still need to reckon with the facts. If he’s been in a relationship for a long time or has never had a long enough relationship, if he’s constantly jumping from girl to girl, be careful. Perhaps he knows how to be good only for the first short time.

2. You met his parents in the first month of the relationship.

Getting to know your parents is a very serious matter. But if he introduces you to them too early, you need to ask the question “why?” It’s one thing if it happened by accident, on a common holiday, in a large company. But if he brings you home without any problems, where his parents live, and they meet you just as calmly, perhaps they are used to the fact that he constantly brings someone new.

3. He starts planning your future in the first weeks of the relationship.

If you have been together for only about a month, and he is already planning your joint trips in six months, you should be wary. You barely know him, nor does he know you. A reasonable person would not make such serious and distant plans with an unfamiliar partner.

4. He became too comfortable too early.

You meet for only a week, and he has already relaxed and feels at home with you or alone with himself: he does not clean in his apartment, does not try to impress you and please you, etc.

5. He wants to be with you around the clock.

This can be flattering, but it should also be alarming. Perhaps for him this is a standard pastime, he is used to the fact that there is always a girl nearby, and no matter which one.

6. He talks a lot but does little.

If he speaks loud words and makes loud promises, and you don’t even have a toothbrush in his apartment yet, be on your guard.

7. He’s too charming.

He is one of those handsome men who can say the right words at the right moments. It seems too good to be true, and it probably is.

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