Feb 20, 2021
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If you had chickenpox, be sure to read this.

If you had chickenpox, be sure to read this.

Everyone knows what chickenpox is. This is a viral infectious disease that is carried by most people in childhood: ah, these kids smeared with brilliant green! Anyone who has had chickenpox will not get sick anymore: relapse happens extremely rarely, only with a strongly weakened immunity is re-infection possible.

But the insidious virus that causes chickenpox can cause another ailment – shingles. A blistering rash is an easily recognizable symptom of the disease. Of course, at the first signs of the disease, you should consult an infectious disease doctor or dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

Anyone who has had chickenpox can get shingles! Pain along the facial, triple, intercostal nerve, blistering rash, enlarged lymph nodes, intoxication, headache, fever – that’s what lichen does to the body. Terrible symptoms! But there are several surefire ways to ease the condition …

Reducing stress

To get over the disease as soon as possible, you need to calm your nerves! It often happens that we get sick due to nervous overstrain. Everything in the body is connected, and many diseases are of a psychosomatic nature, especially skin diseases.

Beautiful places, peace, meditation, calm music, less communication with nervous people, clear thoughts, a pleasant hobby – all this will help to find harmony. The state of the nervous system determines how easily and quickly the unpleasant disease will pass.

Take a bath

A cool bath can help relieve pain caused by heavy breakouts. Water that is not too warm and not too cold will have a positive effect on your condition. Pay attention: you should not wipe off with a towel intensively, it is enough to slightly dab the skin so as not to injure the skin once again.

Take a bath with oatmeal

An oatmeal bath will save you from itching and irritation! If you add a glass of oatmeal to the bath, the skin after the water treatment will calm down and soften. Keep in mind that treating shingles in humans is a complex process. Drinking warming ginger tea after your bath will help to boost immunity!

Cold compress

Cold compresses can help relieve discomfort. Dampen a clean towel with cold water and apply to the area of ​​concern. It will feel better immediately!

Delicate cream

Sunscreen will help reduce irritation and pain caused by the rash. But do not forget to dry your skin after that with the product you will learn about in the next paragraph!


After soothing baths and applying cream, be sure to dry your skin! The wounds should not be allowed to fester. Baking soda will dry out the rash perfectly – gently powder the inflamed areas with it. In addition, baking soda has a disinfecting and soothing effect!

After shingles, you will feel weak for a long time. You need to try not to get nervous: drink soothing teas, avoid conflicts, get more sleep. It is worth adding more vegetables and fruits to the diet, as well as onions and garlic – this will increase the body’s defenses.

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