Dec 31, 2020
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If you decide to quit your job

If you decide to quit your job

Every woman should be reserved and wise. These qualities should be manifested everywhere, including at work. Today we would like to have a conversation with you about how to behave correctly if you decide to quit your job.

To begin with, it should be noted that today many of us have a hard time. Therefore, we try to hold on to any job, even if we are paid little. However, it happens that someone unexpectedly offers us another job, more paid. And we usually quit our previous job.

We can write a statement for any other reason. However, in any case, you should try to “save face”. Moreover, if you are a representative of the fair sex.

You should definitely remember the rules of business courtesy. After all, she speaks of your personal qualities and professionalism. So when should you postpone your layoff? If you have a “hot time” at work; if the institution paid for your education, say, for some courses, as well as if you have recently received some expensive present from your boss.

Be aware that when you go to work elsewhere, the employer may call your former boss to inquire about you.

If you are planning to find yourself another job, then you should not advertise it. Don’t tell employees you are interviewing.

In addition, this should be done during free time from work. After all, if you constantly ask for time off, then your team may suspect something. Remember to be careful when logging into social media.

Let us remind you that the personalities from whom the positive comes out perfectly win over others. So if you have to go to a potential employer, then you should forget about sadness. Otherwise, the chances of being hired are greatly reduced.

If your previous boss has treated you unfairly many times, you still shouldn’t mention it in your interview.

If you have found a new place for yourself, then you need to think carefully about what you will say to your superiors. You may be asked to postpone your layoff. In this case, you should explain to the boss that you have thought about your decision well.

If your boss has always treated you with respect and tried to meet you halfway in everything, then it is advisable for you to find a replacement in your place. During the conversation with the boss, tell him that you will definitely finish the work you have begun.

Talk to employees and wish them well. It will not be superfluous to inform business partners about your decision. Send them an email. They should know that in the event of any unforeseen incident, they can call you.

Keep consistency in the firing process. When you speak with your boss, hand over your resignation letter to the CEO.

We must warn you that your last days at work are unlikely to be pleasant for you. It should not be ruled out that your employees will consider you a traitor. Never mind provocations. Goodwill should come from you. Perform duties as conscientiously as before.

If a colleague asks you why you decided to quit, your best bet is to refer to a coincidence. On the day of your dismissal, you can arrange a small buffet table. It will not be superfluous to present the employees with small souvenirs.

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