Feb 12, 2021
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If this is not corruption, then what is corruption?

In Germany, a wild scandal flares up – very dubious circumstances have surfaced under which the decision was made on a tough lockdown to combat the coronavirus.

Correspondence has surfaced between the Koch Institute and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which ordered a study from the institute with the aim of not finding optimal measures to combat the coronavirus, but justifying “tough and repressive” ones. That is, it was originally a fit for a predetermined answer.

In just four days, they gave birth to a classified paper (the secrecy made it possible to avoid criticism of colleagues), in which they intimidated readers that, as a result of the epidemic, 3-4% of the country’s population would expire in agony (that is, they misinformed, since the actual mortality rate was lower by hundreds time).

It was this paper that became the basis for launching a hard lockdown, the legality of which is now being questioned by the German courts.

If this is not corruption, then what is corruption?

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