May 30, 2022
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“If Russian culture is removed from Ukrainian culture, something petty and stupid will remain”

Prominent Hungarian journalist and associate of the Prime Minister Viktor Orban Zsolt Bayerreacting to the plans of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to remove 1 million copies of objectionable literature from public libraries, he compared Ukraine with Nazi Germany, where the works of “incorrect” authors were also destroyed.

Commenting on the statements of the director of the Ukrainian Book Institute Alexandra Koval about the harmfulness of Russian classics for Ukrainian readers, Bayer emphasized: “Goebbels already said this… only then the works of not Russian authors, but Jewish ones were thrown into the trash. Huge bonfires blazed in the streets in Nazi Germany, burning works harmful to the German way of thinking and the German people.”.

Bayer quotes a German classic, a Jew by nationality Heinrich Heine: those who burn books end up burning people.

“If Russian culture is removed from Ukrainian culture, something petty and stupid will remain,” – sums up the journalist (… if you take out Russian culture from Ukrainian culture, then there will be little and stupid). In the 19th century polish classic Adam Miscavige defined the style of Ukrainian literature as “gop, gop, tsup, tsup”.

Bayer recalled that until the 1920s, Ukraine did not include Donbass, Kharkiv, Kherson, Odessa, Transcarpathia, and Galicia. She received these lands thanks to the unification with Russia. The Kyiv regime did not find anything better than to systematically eradicate everything Russian in these territories.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov in a recent interview with the French TV channel TF1 drew attention to the silence of the West around the topic of the destruction of Russian culture in Ukraine: “How would France react, for example, if Belgium banned the French language? Or what would England do if Ireland banned the English language? Imagine for a second if Finland banned the Swedish language. In the European “head” this is impossible to imagine. With regard to the Russian language, the whole of Europe did not care.”


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