Mar 31, 2021
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If electricity was cut off at the dacha: Residents of Russia explained the consequences of external threats for Runet

The consequences of external threats for Runet were literally explained to the inhabitants of Russia. The head of the State Duma committee on information policy, information technology and communications, Alexander Khinshtein, compared this to such an everyday situation as turning off the light in the country.

According to Khinshtein, the Russian segment of the Internet will be able to continue its activities in the event of external threats.

“For simplicity, I will explain that if you have a centralized power supply cut off at your dacha, and you have a generator in the basement, then you are not afraid of turning off the freezer, battery and light,” he said in an interview with TASS, specifying that Russia has one. generator”.

He also added that although the law “on the sovereign Runet” has not yet been fully implemented, it already makes it possible to counter threats on the Internet. According to Khinshtein, the law gives confidence that tomorrow Russia will not be disconnected “from the switch.”

Earlier, Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, called for getting rid of bondage on the Internet. By August 1, Ashmanov and his colleagues should, according to the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, present a concept for protecting the rights of citizens in the digital space – a kind of digital code. Now active work is underway on the document.

This was discussed within the framework of a round table organized by the Tsargrad Society. The topic of the round table was the problems of the destructive impact of the media and social networks on underage children and youth. More details in the material of Constantinople.

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