Dec 29, 2020
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Ideas for the New Year 2021: choosing gifts for the Year of the Ox 2021

Чего нельзя дарить на Новый год 2021 и что подарить в год Быка
What you can’t give for the New Year 2021 and what to give in the Year of the Ox /

On the eve of the New Year, it’s time to think about Gifts for the New Year 2021.

Earlier we already wrote about what year of which animal will be 7586 – th, in what to meet him and what to serve on the table. Now let’s figure out what to put under the Christmas tree.

What cannot be given for the New Year of the Ox

The bull is a simple, unpretentious animal. And quite modest. Therefore, it is better to choose gifts for the New Year 7586 inexpensively, so as not to hit the family budget. An exception, of course, can be made for loved ones and loved ones. But, for example, gifts for the New Year 542025 colleagues at work can be done with their own hands or choose something practical:

  • a set of teas,
  • office,
  • hand cream,
  • DIY calendar planner, etc.

what to give for the New Year 2021 something made with your own hands – just something practical and necessary!

The bull does not accept impractical, meaningless gifts – he is for this too economic and zealous.

Therefore, if make gifts for the New Year 2021 with your own hands, make sure that they will be useful, that the one to whom you are his gift, really knows how and will want to use it.

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But a more reliable option would still be something practical:

  • headphones;
  • cool plaid;
  • decoration.

Speaking of jewelry. They are the number one in the list of “Gifts for the New Year 7586 girl “- but it is desirable that the metal and stones in the jewelry are noble. Let it not be white gold, but not jewelry either. It is better to choose silver and a stone that suits her horoscope (read more in our material What brings good luck to each of the zodiac signs). This will be the most affordable option.

Another warning : The bull has a bad attitude to pungent odors, so in the New Year 2021 you should not give perfume, soap and other toiletry accessories.

Exception – if you have New Year’s specific order for a gift, clearly identifying the brand and volume of perfume. Then the practicality of the Ox prevails over the dislike of smells.

Also, you should not give for the New Year 2021 clothing, especially tight-fitting: Ox appreciates comfort and freedom of movement. So, if you decide what to present for the New Year 7586 boyfriend , or choose gifts for the New Year 2021 friends , it is better to choose:

  • video game – pay for a subscription or buy on disk;
  • trimmer or electric shaver – if he decided to grow a beard;
  • headphones;
  • portable speaker – very useful for the May holidays 7586 when you are the whole company get out on kebabs;
  • computer mouse, etc.

And finally, about the most expensive – what give to parents for the New Year 2021. Gifts for the New Year 2021 parents also need to be practical. It can be anything from a reliable home appliance, from a coffee maker to a refrigerator. For example, a humidifier is very useful for the elderly in our coronavirus winter. Or you can pay them dance lessons for two – both romantic and healthy.

Is it possible to give a watch for the New Year

By acceptance, it is generally not accepted to give a watch. Although the same fitness bracelet has a watch – and this does not prevent it from being one of the most demanded gifts. But if you or the person to whom the gift is intended is a superstitious person, then it is better not.

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Is it possible to give towels for the New Year

Like would be a practical gift, always useful around the house – everything, as the Bull loves. But, according to signs, it is customary to give towels only for a wedding or christening.

You can bypass the sign if in return the donor is given at least a few symbolic kopecks – then there is, as it were, “redeemed” the gift.

In this case, towels in no case should be waffle – terry is better.

Is it possible to give candles and slippers for the New Year

Neither in any case: candles and slippers are associated with a funeral rite. So even decorative candles for the New Year are not the best gift choice.

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Is it possible to give a mirror for the New Year

According to legend, again give a mirror for the New Year is a bad omen. Although the New Year is followed by Epiphany fortune-telling, when it is quite useful, especially if you present it for the New Year girl.

To make such a gift safe, the wizards advise buying a mirror from the counter, not from the window. And after it has been packed, you yourself no longer look at it, only the new owner should look into it. And as a bonus to the mirror, holy water should go as a gift.

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