Sep 18, 2022
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Ida Galich spoke about her relationship with Kruglitsky


Leading Ida Galich spoke frankly about her personal life.

Until recently, the whole country was wondering if bloggers Ida Galich and Stas Kruglitsky were dating. Young people were in no hurry to officially announce their relationship.

However, the photographs, in which Ida and Stas gently hug, left no doubt: a spark ran between the showmen. “I can describe the beauty queen as much as I like, but I will fall in love with a person whom I did not pay attention to at all. This is what is happening in my life right now.“, – said the 35-year-old blogger in an interview with Leysan Utyasheva, throwing firewood on the fire of rumors.

Before the fans had time to rejoice for their favorite artists, Galich shocked them with a strange statement. “Do I like Timur? Why doesn’t he write to me?” she said to the camera during the “Avatar Show”. At first, the question seemed like an innocent joke to everyone. But already in the next issue, Batrutdinov took the girl by the hand on the air.

This innocent gesture once again spawned a lot of gossip. Does the comedian date the host? Did Ida break up with Kruglitsky? These questions were not answered until recently.

Half naked Ida Galich
Half naked Ida Galich

During another interview, Galich said that now her heart is free. At the moment, she is not ready to devote her life to her beloved and wants to spend more time on other areas.

I have not been in a relationship with any man for a month, one and a half, two, and I am not going to. I have such an opinion that I am not ready to give my golden years to anyone now. I decided: I will take care of myself, family and career”, — admitted 32-year-old Ida.

This summer, bloggers were seen together at the premiere of the film. The artists posed for photographers and were not ashamed of their tender feelings. As Kruglitsky later admits, the young people were not going to advertise the relationship, but they did not plan to hide either. “But we do not make a secret of this, we can be seen together at some event or something else.“, – he said in “Once” on NTV. When a black cat ran between the young people is unknown.

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