Nov 10, 2021
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Icing begins in China

Icing begins in China

The forecast of the coming global cooling is coming true.

As scientists predicted, a cold wave is hitting East Asia, the greenhouse effect will not stop it. Unprecedented cold weather has been reported.

Over the past few days, a wave of frost has dropped temperatures below freezing in Asian countries and Eastern Europe.

In some places, record frosts for this time were recorded. China announced the first snowfall. In a number of regions, the temperature here dropped to minus 25, and in the central part, minus 10 was noted. Snow drifts appeared. In Beijing, roofs are covered with snow. Snow came here 23 days earlier than usual. Typically, the first snowfall occurs in early December.

The cold front spread from Beijing to Shanghai and reached the southern provinces.

The arrival of frosty weather also coincided with a surge in the spread of covid. The Chinese fear that 2008 will repeat itself, when the railway lines froze and the trains were no longer supplied with electricity. Crowds of people crowded into the stations.

In nine provinces of China, icing of highways is already recorded. Minus 10 hit North Korea. Zero temperature was recorded in Japan.

Nikolay Ivanov


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