Aug 28, 2021
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I would go to bloggers!

“We don’t need creators here. Creator, Vava, Creator “.

Victor Pelevin. Generation P.

A terrible thing happened, because TASS indifferently stated that “… the majority of Russians (80%) are ready to quit their jobs to start working as bloggers.”

Not only are “work” and “bloggers” the most ferocious antonyms, but also 80 percent. This is not a depressing fifty-fifty; Hell is cooler here. Then – again the numbers: “Among Russians who have never blogged professionally – 80% expressed a desire to quit their main job to become a blogger. More than half of them are Russians from 16 to 24 years old, two thirds of whom are women (73%). Interestingly, among the Russians surveyed, they spoke positively in favor of the blogging profession – respondents over 45 years old – more than 30% saw the prospect of other professions in this. More than half of them are men (55%) ”.

The study indicates the amounts that the potential luminaries of the blogosphere would like to have, or, as one lady of these called herself: “opinion leaders.” From 100 thousand, my dears. Better from 200. Not bad. Lip no fool. To paraphrase Mayakovsky, we chant: “I would go to bloggers – let them teach me!” And – they teach. Various Ostap and Korejki open schools, courses, online blogging lessons. Well done. “You don’t need a knife for a fool,” as the heroes of our childhood sang – Alice and Basilio.

And then I became thoughtful. Do I need to scold those young people who dream of doing nothing, bringing a solid jackpot? Does it make sense to be indignant when a strong man is ready to grimace on Tik-Tok or tryndet in YouTube? Those questions were rhetorical, but now they are practical. We live in the so-called post-industrial, information society, where the product is getting cheaper (it’s quite difficult to die of hunger), and the price of an info-reason and media stuffing has not changed yet. She’s tall. Hence the fakes, tantrums, inflated ratings and dirty linen of poor “stars”, apparently, ordering bloggers hate-speeches about themselves-loved ones – black PR is more intense than white.

Besides, what kind of job do those men want to leave? Are they engineers or lawyers? No. Engineers, lawyers, teachers and district therapists, even if they keep the pages, then “for themselves” and do not earn on the hype. They also post cats or a family on the background of the beach. But if you are 45, and you have been a futures deadline manager or a specialist in the field of innovative check-ups and make-ups all your life (I viciously invented these professions, don’t look, but the real names of all these “fields” are no less curly).

Sits a kind of “body” in open space, catches flies with nostrils, in the comments of some beauty blogger has fun. And the first thought: “Why am I worse? Well, not very beauty, and so, a pitcher’s snout, but I say something more beautiful, after all, the strength of materials once passed for a satisfactory grade. The second time. Let me become a blogger too. For example, a food blogger – here you can talk about grub and its quantity … “In fact, everything is better than total” nothing & nothing “on the fifteenth floor of the business center. Having no creative duties and useless results (“We increased sales of expired yoghurts by 4%!”) I really want to leave my job and start “developing my channel”. If only because he is his own.

The fashion profession is always an economically and socially demanded topic. The romance of this or that professional environment is a veiled benefit of society. If girls love a polar explorer, then he is important to the country. So, in the 1920s, many were eager to become teachers, engineers and journalists. Why? Education was intensified, and the teacher was something like a guru, especially in the village; enterprises grew, newspapers and magazines were published – so everyone wanted to teach Aunt Malanya the primer, invent new machines, write feuilletons. In the 1930s, a fashion for doctors and biologists arose – this was associated with the massive construction of hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums in the most remote corners of the vast country. Geologists are also popular and it is understandable – the rapidly growing industry needs minerals.

In the 1950s, civil engineers and chemists are relevant – the state was restored, rebuilt and increased the pace, and at the same time was looking for ways to reduce the cost of products due to chemical technologies. The neon 1960s – the realm of physicists and mathematicians – technocrats are about to take over the world, for they have already launched a man into space. In the 1970s, on the contrary, the fashion for the lyricist-humanities – a reassured person dreamed of philology, philosophy and global philanthropy. And, of course, he is a bibliophile. In the next decade – the snobbish theme of leadership and management, and then entrepreneurship. In the dashing nineties and golden-noughties – a wave of lawyers and those same managers. Firms and small firms opened-closed-went bankrupt.

And then another techno revolution burst out and the prolific bloggers had much more subscribers than the “normal” media. Bloggers reacted more vividly to events and gave out texts in the language of the streets – with jargon, Englishisms, jokes. For all. Academies did not finish, so this is not necessary – in the information environment, it is not “how” that is important, but “what”. Again, top bloggers got the opportunity to advertise and, as they say, kick the bulldozer. Homo sapiens is designed in such a way that it strives for maximum comfort and even in a passion for “romantic inconveniences” like geological surveys, there is a beautiful ending – geologists of the 1930-1950s earned much more than “sedentary” citizens.

The fashion for this or that activity is dictated by the economy, and if you have been engaged in information support of leasing startups in LTD ‘Monkey’s job’ since 1998, then it is better to be a blogger.

Galina Ivankina

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