Jul 31, 2020
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“I will not go down in front of the flag on his knee”

27-year-old defensive end of the team "Pittsburgh Steelers" ... Stefanie of Twitt deserves respect for what a matter of conscience and rejects the accusations of the left in contempt and attempts to divide.

Many of you stopped to watch the matches of the National football League because of the trend of increasing politicization of the games. But the news from the world of the NFL should make you happy, at least for a moment.

The defensive end of the team "Pittsburgh Steelers" ... Stefanie of Tuitt made in a Twitter statement that he is not going to listen to the American national anthem, falling down on the knee, and not interested in the opinions of those who disagree: "And again, I'm not going to fall in front of the flag on his knee, and spit on everyone is not satisfied. My grandmother immigrated from the Islands of the Caribbean and whole life slaving away to organize the lives of 20 people of their loved ones. She didn't have any money, and she trained as a nurse. Now she is living well".

That's the problem with most of today's youth — they didn't have a grandmother like Tuitt. Or parents that could serve as a good example. The whole Democratic party PLUS many Republicans would have something to learn about America from this guy.

So, friends, looks, and talks the hero. Person supplying the respect for our great country. The man carrying the idea of unity and not of hatred, anger and discord that is sown by those who seek to divide and tear our great country apart. In this message we as a people now need. Nowhere in the world people have no such opportunities, which we have in the United States. Each of us should be grateful that he lives in this country. I want to thank him for his encouraging words. I am filled with a sense of pride.

Tewitt well done, and applaud him, but the damage is already done. Thinking of all the other millionaires of whiners who use their position to pedal the Marxism finally launched.

Inspiring story grandmother Twitta need to know every citizen, especially the children.

Need to tell more stories about the many legal immigrants who have succeeded in the US because of their hard work. Biased leftist media don't.

I grew up and worked together with the black immigrants from the West Indies. This is a lovely, hard-working people who value this great country. Sadly, from born in the USA blacks were often given to ridicule and label of "uncle Tom" just because they value education and hard work. But you need to respect such people and not those who justify crappy actions and posing in the image of the victim.

A herd of leftists, of course, will ruthlessly crush on Twitta that he changed his position. And if he does not falter, it has become the face of the NFL. If you give up, like drew Brees, quarterback "new Orleans Saints", then we are back to the starting point.

Believe it or not, but I'm old enough to remember a time when sport in the United States gave people the opportunity to forget about politics, to gather with family and friends at the screen or at the stadium and just enjoy the game. Maybe I've lived too long.

In America many immigrants from different countries and different segments of the population. They arrived in the United States for the freedom and independence that represents the American flag. We respect that and are glad that other people understand and not fall for political tricks.

Could ANYONE ever imagine that we argue about whether to listen to the national anthem STANDING up? It just shows how our schools and universities infiltrated LEFTISTS, MARXISTS, COMMUNISTS, and subjected our children to indoctrination. Truly one of the most vile and pathetic spectacles I have ever seen in my life.

I wish when they play the national anthem on large screens of the stadiums shown are located around the WORLD American military cemetery, while being fixated on themselves whiners, athletes-multi-millionaires with infantile flatulency falls to the knee. They look just pathetic.

But I really want to ask them. If you don't want a few minutes to stand up straight as a sign of respect for the people and country that gave you the best in the world the opportunity to be free and to succeed, what are you willing to stand? Yes, the US is not ideal, but please provide a list of places to live better!

By the way, if you haven't noticed, Tuitt family immigrated here in accordance with all legal norms, and that takes time and effort. Imagine what its like for all those who are now acting just as his grandmother looking as the others just move to the US illegally (perhaps even from their own homeland), and yet considers their statement as immigrants, hiding under the wing of the Democratic party.

That's why I can't stand it when leftists make a mix of those two groups into one and simply call them "immigrants". Between legal and illegal immigrant there is a difference. Left, along with the American media calling about race, but racial she is not. We warmly welcome any legal immigrant, regardless of race, but not those who consider themselves more important than others, coming under the law. Oh, I just figured out why liberals like illegal immigrants who think that everybody owes them and that they are more important than people, the following legally.

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