Apr 30, 2021
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“I will go through all this hell for you”: Anastasia Makeeva said that she was ready for anything for the sake of a large lover

Anastasia Makeeva grabbed the builder Roman Malkov with a stranglehold. The woman could not cope with feelings and wrote a fiery declaration of love to Malkov.

“I love you, Roman! You are the best man in the Universe! If I am offered to return everything back in order to face a choice: to abandon you or go through all this hell again, I will answer – I’m ready to go! Thousand times! Even if the whole world is against me. I’ll be there! ”Makeeva wrote in her story. Well, judging by the face of Malkov, he is pleased with the words of the actress.

Recall that now his eldest son lives with Anastasia and her chosen one of many children, who, apparently, is fascinated by his stepmother.

Below we suggest recalling the erotic photo shoots and bed scenes of Anastasia Makeeva in the cinema. We suggest starting with Makeeva’s photo session with daisies. In the next photo, the actress will pose without a dress:

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