Sep 4, 2022
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“I went well”: What did the Ukrainians experience in the offensive through minefields under the blows of Russian artillery

“I went well”: What did the Ukrainians experience in the offensive through minefields under the blows of Russian artillery

Photo: AP/TASS

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is trying to make an elephant out of a fly. The publication’s experts are promoting the Kherson “psychic attack” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the fullest. They say “the Ukrainian counter-offensive is a holistic process that will take some time to properly complete. The Kremlin is likely to take advantage of the lack of an immediate victory at Kherson or Ukraine’s operational silence on the progress of the Ukrainian counteroffensive to portray the Ukrainian effort as a failure and undermine public confidence in its prospects.

Well, yes … ISW analysts have turned down the “operational silence of Ukraine”. Something, but boasting of victories, primarily non-existent ones, has become a national sport for the Maidan society. There can be no doubt that Lusya Arestovichthe other day, having been promoted to colonel by the Bandera authorities, he would have already sold at night to the hulking people about how the “orcs” are scurrying from the Kherson region. Instead, however, See-Goebbels advised Latvia to prepare for defense with a clear hint that NATO would not help.

The adviser to the head of the presidential office was also noted [Украины] Podolyakwho announced the “development of routes for the (forced) evacuation of Crimeans during the period of active de-occupation” of Taurida. The Internet people there, this statement, by the way, of a third person in the Ze-team (after Zeli himself and the head of the OP Yermak), described it as a “shitty bell” for Ukrainians.

“Podolyak, instead of information about the successes of the counteroffensive on Kherson, issued new promises – about the Crimea! What a metamorphosis from the OP! In social networks, it turns out that Crimea can be taken bypassing Kherson, ”the Ukrnet is ironic.

It makes sense to return to the “victory” summary of ISW for August 30th. Somehow it is vaguely composed and contradicts itself. On the one hand, the “institutes” claim that without the destruction of the crossings across the Dnieper, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not succeed. Like, that’s why HIMARS, and for a long time, are hitting the Antonovsky bridge and the Kakhovka dam. And only after these guides allegedly became unusable, the Ukrainians went on the offensive.

But, on the other hand, Yankee experts point out that the Russians are successfully using pontoons, the shooting of which by American MLRS is “ephemeral.”

And ISW also writes that the Kremlin promptly responded to the Kherson offensive of the Independence defenders and transferred large columns of military equipment from the Crimea and Melitopol to the southern front. Even the General Staff admitted that the rotation of the RF Armed Forces “closed the gaps” in the Russian defense.

This information is consistent with the statement of British intelligence. In particular, it says: “During the counteroffensive in the south, the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved the front line some distance in places, using the relatively weak fortified Russian defenses.”

By the way, Free Press has already written about gray areas that were under our partial control. These are small settlements in the bare steppe, in which it is pointless to keep large forces. As a rule, observation posts were located there, not outposts. Nevertheless, the approaches to them were mined, and the surroundings were shot by our artillery.

In this regard, the British Ministry of Defense predicts that “Russia will most likely now try to close the gaps in its line of defense using pre-assembled mobile reserve units.” Among them, according to the British, there will be units of the 3rd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces, specially formed to solve operational tasks.

In addition, MI6 representatives in Kyiv transmitted new intelligence to Bankova about the strengthening of the Russian group in Kherson. The British warn the political and military leadership of Nenko that combat aircraft and landing troops are being transferred from the Rostov region to the Crimea, with a further aim at Nikolaev – again, supposedly, to stop the powerful offensive of the Ukrainians.

And it’s a no brainer that the facts are being shuffled. On the southern front, Russian engineering troops built and equipped three lines of defense, to the west of which there are gray zones, as well as recently liberated villages. In short, Kherson is under reliable protection, and talk of a “gap” is greatly exaggerated.

Our units are being transferred for a counter strike on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defeated during an idiotic attack, which I warned about in advance Zaluzhny. “If the counteroffensive fails, the Russians will take advantage of it,” he told his sources behind the scenes of the General Staff, or so. The general is already laying straws in anticipation of an attack on him by “filmmakers” because of another scumbag.

What will happen next, the propagandists are going to be silent, although yesterday and the day before yesterday, that is, on August 29 and 30, they beat the drums loudly: “To Kherson! To Kherson! To Kherson! Today, on the last day of summer, according to insiders from the environment of the commander in chief, Zelensky demanded to continue the counteroffensive, despite the mountains of corpses.

The fact that this mental attack is unpopular among Ukrainian soldiers, Arestovich indirectly admitted. “Lesha has such a trick – to explain our criticism of Zelensky with Kremlin frame-ups.” You can read about this in social networks on the forums of the supporters of independence.

And now, the main talker Bankova gave another pearl from this opera. He tweeted: “I like how the Russian MoD constantly repeats in the reports the “offensive carried out on the personal instructions of Zelensky”. And now tell me, children, who benefits from the split line between the Office and the Armed Forces of Ukraine? That’s right, Mashenka!

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry only voiced information that became known through intelligence channels. By the way, independent telegram channels also widely write about this. But for “Mashenka” Arestovich can be hurt by the survivors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were thrown into the attack in the forehead through the minefields.

Lyusenka can be ironic as much as he likes in a relatively safe place, but in Ukraine there are not only fools in the Zapadenschina, but also people with common sense in Kyiv. It was they who drew attention to the details of the latest shipments from the United States, which were reported by CNN.

The weapons case, it turns out, was supervised by Yermak, the head of the OP, who personally requested equipment and ammunition strictly for the so-called Kherson offensive planned by the Ze-team. According to CNN, this includes, among other things, additional ammunition for artillery and Javelins.

Zaluzhny and the General Staff were involved in the “Battle for Kherson” operation by “filmmakers” only a few days ago, which, of course, caused dissatisfaction with the military. Rumors that Zelensky does not trust his generals turned out to be true.

“Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a lot of losses, because sending them into a frontal attack and into a minefield, one can only imagine how many infantry fell, but Zelensky gave the order to pull together all the rear reserves to continue the offensive. They will crush the Russians with manpower, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have much more than the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation involved in the Ukrainian crisis, ”writes one telegram channel that is in the political backstage of Nenko.

He drew this conclusion from a video published … no, not by Russian propaganda, but on the account page of Podolyak, Yermak’s adviser. In it, the defender of independence, although he boasted that he “did well,” shed some details of the psychic attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It turns out that the Ukrainians were advancing across open areas under well-aimed blows from Russian artillery, and made their way through minefields, losing brothers. Ukrainian truth-tellers believe that, most likely, the soldier “went well” in the physiological sense because of fear, Ukrainians say “going to the wind”. It seems that very soon a new national sport will appear among the Maydanuts.

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