Jan 26, 2021
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“I take it close to my heart”: Buzova spoke about parting with Dava

On the eve of Olga Buzova, the other one celebrated its 35th birthday, this one party was larger than the one that took place last week. Talking to the press, she commented on reversing with her former lover.

On Monday, TV presenter Olga Buzova threw a grand party that surpassed the holiday for close friends, which took place on the day of her 35th birthday.

When communicating with media representatives, before whom the singer appeared in an open silver dress, Olga could not avoid mentioning her individual life.

Buzova blamelessly admitted that she was going through a disastrous stage. According to her, this, as if any other life situation, takes close to his heart.

“It’s unusual if it touches my love. I can hardly stand on my feet, ”Olga said, taking pauses to hold back her tears.

She appealed to the concentrated journalists not to ask questions about Manukyan even to her guests as a sign of respect to her. The singer added that she had been preparing for this important day for about six months.

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