Dec 31, 2020
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I often hear from friends: “I can’t create at home, there is no inspiration …” You would …

I often hear from friends: “I cannot create at home, there is no inspiration …” Do you have this? I do not have. I love being at home, I will always find something to do. The only thing that suffers if I, for example, get sick is music. Staying at home (and this is important to do if you feel unwell), I cannot go to vocal courses and go to the recording studio. But I learned how to spend this time with benefit and create a creative atmosphere even in my own apartment. I rediscover classics or listen to legendary performers of the last century. Watching vocal video lessons or studying music history (it turned out to be incredibly interesting!). When a disease drives us home it is always unpleasant, but even within the four walls you can find many interesting things to do! Please be attentive to your own and others’ health and stay at home if you feel that you are sick. Trust Teraflu to fight unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu, but the fight against laziness and procrastination is already on your conscience;) Now, using the KLYUKINA promo code, you can get a 15% discount on OZON. And remember that before using the drug, you must definitely consult with a specialist. #Theraflu # Right to stay at home # not walking virus # cold # symptoms #theraflu #gsk # aoglaxosmitkleinhelsker

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